MoFHM - Character Study

I couldn't focus at all today.  I guess it's just one of those days where I'm wandering in a fog of a sort. Since I couldn't focus on my animation projects for class I was looking through my "On Going Project" folder to see if I could work on a personal piece or project.   Here's a character study of one of the main characters from a comic project I'm working on with a few of my archery buddies.

The comic project started two and a half years ago and was spawned by my friend Thesa M. who was doodling characters while we were hanging out at Tim J.'s place.  From there we figured out what we wanted to do with the comic and went from there.  The title we decided on is, "The Misadventures of Four Hapless Mortals".  

Two years in the making and I still have a ton of pages to clean up. Hopefully I can get some stuff on the blog soon.