Wednesday, October 7, 2015

130b - Advance Modeling Part 2

This was my final project for Ani 130B - Modeling.  We made a small village in likeness to the new game “Fable Legends”. Using the released visdev images from the game’s site, we attempted to construct the village as an environment exercise.  Once all the houses were done, with props, a few of us students along with the instructor put it into the Unreal Engine so we can showcase the village.  

Here is the link to our class' final reel:

130b - Advance Modeling Part 1

Here’s a follow up to my “other brother” from “Coraline”.  At the beginning of the semester we were tasked to create a character that was already designed from either Ani117B or from the current BFA class. I ended up choosing the character I created from my Ani 117B class from the previous semester.  So In the first two images, is the character sketch then the character turn around.  The bottom two are slight variations of the body and the head and face.  Most of this character was modeled in Maya, then taken into Zbrush for texture and color. The final renders were done in Zbrush. 

117C - (Ani 128A)

In this class we were encouraged to find our own "style" using some of our favorite artists as studies and reference points to start.  

Self Portrait
News Article Illustration: "Crab Gets Ambushed"

In our final project, we were put into groups and had to create a concept art book based off of a Brothers Grimm Fairytale. The group I was in consisted of four people who tried to emulate watercolor in Photoshop. The story we chose was, “Snow White and Rose Red”.  For the next four weeks we tried to hammer out our ideations, story thumbnails, and character designs and then finally our final story moments for our project.  Our goal was to make illustrations for a children’s book that was inspired by Mary Blair’s pieces and meshing our watercolor styles together.  
The overall point of the project was the whole teamwork - learning how to work together and I think we achieved that goal. 
Here are the illustrations that I contributed to the final:

117B - Compositing Assignment

In another project we had to create a new or take an existing character and fit them into a 3-D animated or stop motion film still.  I chose to take on the film, “Coraline” and create a brother, Carwyn Jones, who would be something like her foil.  Here’s just a sample of the exploratory sketches, character designs, and several stills I was considering for the final render as well as the final composition. 

"Coraline" is a really good movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out. Every time I watch this movie I still get creep out by the Other Mother. *shudders* I wish they had put together a better art of book for this movie since all the concept work I was able to find are just awesome. 

117B - Short Story

Hey All, 
I haven't been updating my blog in a while because the work I had done sometime in the beginning of 2014 wasn't really worth sharing, then eventually I forgot about my blogs. Priorities. So in the next few blog posts, I'm doing a massive art dump of stuff I did between the latter half of 2014 to now. 
And to start off here's some illustrations from the story, "The White Donkey" by Ursula Le Guin.

In one of my vis dev classes we had to pick a story from one of the four authors listed, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur Clarke, and Ursula  Le Guin. I ended up choosing a short story by Ursula called, “The White Donkey”.  Within the last month of the semester we had to put at least three illustrated story moments together and put our own style into these pieces.
Overall I’m satisfied with how these pieces turned out. I was more focused on having things read rather than focusing on creating a style, but hopefully I will figure out my style as I progress. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Project #1 - Spherometer

There's a project that Samia K. started during the summer of 2013 or so where she pulled in a group of A/I students to make 3D models of objects found in the Lick Observatory.  Honestly though, I wasn't sure if I wanted to model stuff, and all the easier looking objects seem to have been taken so I decided on the piece called a, "spherometer".  If you were to look it up you'll get a different object than the one that I'm trying to finish modeling. xD

So here's a WIP of what I have so far plus a reference photo:

Update: Jan 9th, 2014:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Switching Blogs... kinda.

I was looking back on the work I have here versus my other painting blog, and it seems that I'm switching gears.  If anyone is looking for more of my work please follow instead.
I think I'm just going to reserve this blog for random sketches, class related project work, and things that don't seem like they quite fit into the other blog even though this one started out as my main art blog.  This blog seems to have turned into a summaries of different subjects and doodles blog versus a art/portfolio of a sort blog. Besides, there's more prettier things on the other blog than this one. haha.