Self Portraits

Some self portraits from Ani 14 class. Some of them were for a final and we had 2-3 weeks or so to work on them. The others were pages from my watercolor sketch book for the same class. They were fun, but time consuming.
The larger one was done in Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Sienna.
Top right- forgot what palette I was using but it was most likely left over paint in my portable palette. Speed painting.
Mid right- Master Copy w/ Color.  I used artist Nadir Afonso and his piece "Praca dos Aliados" for a more bolder, colorful approach to portrait painting.
Bottom right- Full color palette.
Second from the right-bottom- CMY palette.
Second from the left-bottom- Modified Zorn palette (flame red, black, white, and raw sienna).
Bottom left- Complimentary with Blue and Orange.