Random Studies and the Legion of Honor

Got a chance to go to the Legion of Honor with a couple of friends today.  We checked out the "Impressionists on the Water" exhibit (which is awesome btw), just chilled, and did a couple of studies around the museum. It's too bad that not many people could make it, because the Legion is a great art museum to check out (all those pretty paintings, lol).
It was fun watching one of my friends flip out while we walked through the main galleries too since he's never been and I bet he got super pumped up and inspired to paint, least I hope so.  I have to admit it was kinda weird having someone with me at the Legion since I usually go there on my own just to do some master copies/composition studies, but it was nice to go sketching with friends for sure.  Next time I'm going to try to drag more people with me to the museum.
And yeeeeeah, it's quite a bit expensive to keep going back to the Legion and the De Young, which is why I also have a membership that allows me to visit the museums as many times as I want plus its free/cheaper for special exhibits. yays~  A part of why I got the membership in the first place was because of all the art history courses I had to take before transferring. So... since I had to keep going back to the museums to find works that I had to write papers on I figured I might as well get a membership (no regrets~).
I guess the only way I can get more people to go with me is to tell them I can get them in for free. Friggin' cheap artists.  xD

Also posting a couple of studies I did at the Legion today.
Studies are from "A Portrait of a Woman" by Jean-Jacques Caffieri (1900) and "The Bathers" by Claude-Joseph Vernet (1786).