Fall Sem 2013

The semester is finally over and now I get to paint and work on personal projects~ yay!

Looking back at this semester, there was just a LOT of animating... and movement, but mostly animating.  

With physics of animation, we tied in some laws of physics into our animation projects. An example, we learned about motion, overlapping, drag, etc. and how to tie it all into making a character animation believable.  Below is a group animation project that I worked on with Chris Helfrich and Hunter Welker.  The stop motion, character animation took us roughly 8 hours to plan, shoot, and add in extra stuff (sound, title, credits). It was fun working with Hunter and Chris and it reminded me how much group work can be enjoyable and very rewarding. (Doesn't hurt that we also got extra credit points for this animation. lol.) Overall the class was helpful and I think that taking this class along with Ani51B and Ani114 pushed me to become a better animator.  

In 51B - Intro to 3-D animation, we worked with basic shapes and character rigs to better our understanding of the medium.  I actually want to fix one of my projects before I put up my final reel, so I don't have anything to show, least not at this time.  It was a challenge having to animate in Maya and it was pretty frustrating, I have to be honest.  The only good thing in that class was definitely getting taught by Raquel.  She was able to make it slightly less painful to animate in Maya and though we sped through the projects, she made sure the material was easy for us to understand and was ready and eager to help us. 

Finally in 114... At the beginning of the semester I was dreading having to animate and having to jump back into the deep end with 2-D animation because the last time I had animated before this past semester was back in Ani28, which was... roughly 2 years back when I had first transferred into SJSU.  After working on some of the tests like the ball bounce and brick drop it kinda started coming back.  As we continued on with the semester I've noticed that I really wanted to animate better even if I am going into visual development.  I guess I just didn't want to let Jeff down. lol. Hopefully that fire animation in my final was up to par with what he wanted since he kept insisting I put it in there.  So, here's my final animation for 114.