117C - (Ani 128A)

In this class we were encouraged to find our own "style" using some of our favorite artists as studies and reference points to start.  

Self Portrait
News Article Illustration: "Crab Gets Ambushed"

In our final project, we were put into groups and had to create a concept art book based off of a Brothers Grimm Fairytale. The group I was in consisted of four people who tried to emulate watercolor in Photoshop. The story we chose was, “Snow White and Rose Red”.  For the next four weeks we tried to hammer out our ideations, story thumbnails, and character designs and then finally our final story moments for our project.  Our goal was to make illustrations for a children’s book that was inspired by Mary Blair’s pieces and meshing our watercolor styles together.  
The overall point of the project was the whole teamwork - learning how to work together and I think we achieved that goal. 
Here are the illustrations that I contributed to the final: