Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still life and quizzes Ani 14

More stuff from Ani 14.  The sphere paintings were quizzes we got in class that had to do with with lighting and the color one had another set of rules added, it was a white sphere with a warm yellow lighting situation on a blue table and background. The mud sphere still was done in 2 mins while the y/b sphere was done in 5-7 mins.  There are also two still lifes in this set of paintings. The one with the plaster head cast was done probably a good month or two before the vase still life.

Plein Air Studies

Some in class and sketch book studies in gouache.

Still Life Practices

Here are some more studies with color from my Ani 14 sketch book.

Warm and Cool Gouache Paintings

Another project we did was the "Warm and Cool" color still life paintings.  The top one is the warmer-afternoon still life while the one on the bottom is the cool-morning still life painting.  Not much else to say about these except I think I gave myself a challenge with all those items in the first one.

Self Portraits

Some self portraits from Ani 14 class. Some of them were for a final and we had 2-3 weeks or so to work on them. The others were pages from my watercolor sketch book for the same class. They were fun, but time consuming.
The larger one was done in Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Sienna.
Top right- forgot what palette I was using but it was most likely left over paint in my portable palette. Speed painting.
Mid right- Master Copy w/ Color.  I used artist Nadir Afonso and his piece "Praca dos Aliados" for a more bolder, colorful approach to portrait painting.
Bottom right- Full color palette.
Second from the right-bottom- CMY palette.
Second from the left-bottom- Modified Zorn palette (flame red, black, white, and raw sienna).
Bottom left- Complimentary with Blue and Orange.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Here are some portraits done in class for my Ani 14 class (Spr 2012). I have never really done portrait painting before, so this was a new experience especially with trying out different palettes.

From the Top left to right: 
1) Complimentary with Blue and Orange
2) Modified Zorn
3) Complimentary with Red and Green
From Bottom left to right:
1) Complimentary with Purple and Yellow
2) Complimentary with Red and Green
3) Complimentary with Purple and Yellow
4) Full

Sunday, June 10, 2012

FanimeCon Rovers 2012 Shirt Design

I was going to post this earlier, but got distracted with other things.  Here is a copy of the FanimeCon Rovers T-Shirt design that I made for my department.  The original color of the design was this light powder blue on a black tee which didn't stand out as much as I wanted, so here's a nice, in your face orangy-yellow version for your viewing pleasure. The theme of this year was "Sports" which was inspired by the Summer 2012 Olympic Games that's coming up in London, England (so excited!). The "Rovers" design was based off the sports pictographs as trying to put in actual sports equipment didn't go so well for the design.  

I love working with Rovers and I've been apart of the staff since 2009.  It's fun, challenging, and rewarding experience.  The Rovers are family to me and that's how close people are within this large staff department. Hopefully the Creative Services department will allow me to design next year's shirt as we had a small conflict of interest earlier this year over this "Rovers" shirt.  So here's hoping that things go smoother between departments. Next year's theme is "Gothic Fairy Tale Adventure". . . Well that's an interesting one, that's a crap ton of ideas too! o___o;;;

  And yes I'm using this spot right now to tell everyone that FanimeCon Rovers is recruiting. For more info click me! :D You don't have to love Anime to staff at the con, but knowledge in some of the in anime/manga is encouraged.  We are usually under staffed so the more people we recruit the better. If you have good customer service, have common sense, and enjoy walking a lot then hey, we could use a person like you. If you decide later on that this department does't suit your fancy we are willing to switch you into another department if you'd like or you can tell us you're no longer interested, its okay. 

If there are any questions regarding to staffing at FanimeCon, specifically Rovers (as I can't speak for other departments), then feel free to post on the forum, e-mail questions to, or shoot me a message here.