Monday, December 23, 2013

Switching Blogs... kinda.

I was looking back on the work I have here versus my other painting blog, and it seems that I'm switching gears.  If anyone is looking for more of my work please follow instead.
I think I'm just going to reserve this blog for random sketches, class related project work, and things that don't seem like they quite fit into the other blog even though this one started out as my main art blog.  This blog seems to have turned into a summaries of different subjects and doodles blog versus a art/portfolio of a sort blog. Besides, there's more prettier things on the other blog than this one. haha.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I originally intended on doing a speed painting for today (which would have been posted on my other blog), but I just couldn't find that spark of inspiration to paint.  I did start on something, but ended up tossing it aside since it really looked like a giant turd.  So I ended up doodling around and somewhere in the back of my mind I realized I still have comic pages to clean... Which I should probably start on.  Anyway, thinking of that comic project brought me to this quick scribble:

Whenever my archery buddies and I meet up, usually this happens where the hyper friend would tackle/hug our non-touchy, "heyyourinmypersonalbubble,gtfo!" friend and he tries to walk away as fast as possible. Then again I don't blame him for walking away since we also nicknamed him, "Princess".

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fall Sem 2013

The semester is finally over and now I get to paint and work on personal projects~ yay!

Looking back at this semester, there was just a LOT of animating... and movement, but mostly animating.  

With physics of animation, we tied in some laws of physics into our animation projects. An example, we learned about motion, overlapping, drag, etc. and how to tie it all into making a character animation believable.  Below is a group animation project that I worked on with Chris Helfrich and Hunter Welker.  The stop motion, character animation took us roughly 8 hours to plan, shoot, and add in extra stuff (sound, title, credits). It was fun working with Hunter and Chris and it reminded me how much group work can be enjoyable and very rewarding. (Doesn't hurt that we also got extra credit points for this animation. lol.) Overall the class was helpful and I think that taking this class along with Ani51B and Ani114 pushed me to become a better animator.