Monday, December 23, 2013

Switching Blogs... kinda.

I was looking back on the work I have here versus my other painting blog, and it seems that I'm switching gears.  If anyone is looking for more of my work please follow instead.
I think I'm just going to reserve this blog for random sketches, class related project work, and things that don't seem like they quite fit into the other blog even though this one started out as my main art blog.  This blog seems to have turned into a summaries of different subjects and doodles blog versus a art/portfolio of a sort blog. Besides, there's more prettier things on the other blog than this one. haha.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I originally intended on doing a speed painting for today (which would have been posted on my other blog), but I just couldn't find that spark of inspiration to paint.  I did start on something, but ended up tossing it aside since it really looked like a giant turd.  So I ended up doodling around and somewhere in the back of my mind I realized I still have comic pages to clean... Which I should probably start on.  Anyway, thinking of that comic project brought me to this quick scribble:

Whenever my archery buddies and I meet up, usually this happens where the hyper friend would tackle/hug our non-touchy, "heyyourinmypersonalbubble,gtfo!" friend and he tries to walk away as fast as possible. Then again I don't blame him for walking away since we also nicknamed him, "Princess".

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fall Sem 2013

The semester is finally over and now I get to paint and work on personal projects~ yay!

Looking back at this semester, there was just a LOT of animating... and movement, but mostly animating.  

With physics of animation, we tied in some laws of physics into our animation projects. An example, we learned about motion, overlapping, drag, etc. and how to tie it all into making a character animation believable.  Below is a group animation project that I worked on with Chris Helfrich and Hunter Welker.  The stop motion, character animation took us roughly 8 hours to plan, shoot, and add in extra stuff (sound, title, credits). It was fun working with Hunter and Chris and it reminded me how much group work can be enjoyable and very rewarding. (Doesn't hurt that we also got extra credit points for this animation. lol.) Overall the class was helpful and I think that taking this class along with Ani51B and Ani114 pushed me to become a better animator.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

MoFHM - Character Study

I couldn't focus at all today.  I guess it's just one of those days where I'm wandering in a fog of a sort. Since I couldn't focus on my animation projects for class I was looking through my "On Going Project" folder to see if I could work on a personal piece or project.   Here's a character study of one of the main characters from a comic project I'm working on with a few of my archery buddies.

The comic project started two and a half years ago and was spawned by my friend Thesa M. who was doodling characters while we were hanging out at Tim J.'s place.  From there we figured out what we wanted to do with the comic and went from there.  The title we decided on is, "The Misadventures of Four Hapless Mortals".  

Two years in the making and I still have a ton of pages to clean up. Hopefully I can get some stuff on the blog soon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gestures - People and Big Cats

Here's some recent gesture work: clothed figures, large cats, and some nude male figures.  Enjoy.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Studies and the Legion of Honor

Got a chance to go to the Legion of Honor with a couple of friends today.  We checked out the "Impressionists on the Water" exhibit (which is awesome btw), just chilled, and did a couple of studies around the museum. It's too bad that not many people could make it, because the Legion is a great art museum to check out (all those pretty paintings, lol).
It was fun watching one of my friends flip out while we walked through the main galleries too since he's never been and I bet he got super pumped up and inspired to paint, least I hope so.  I have to admit it was kinda weird having someone with me at the Legion since I usually go there on my own just to do some master copies/composition studies, but it was nice to go sketching with friends for sure.  Next time I'm going to try to drag more people with me to the museum.
And yeeeeeah, it's quite a bit expensive to keep going back to the Legion and the De Young, which is why I also have a membership that allows me to visit the museums as many times as I want plus its free/cheaper for special exhibits. yays~  A part of why I got the membership in the first place was because of all the art history courses I had to take before transferring. So... since I had to keep going back to the museums to find works that I had to write papers on I figured I might as well get a membership (no regrets~).
I guess the only way I can get more people to go with me is to tell them I can get them in for free. Friggin' cheap artists.  xD

Also posting a couple of studies I did at the Legion today.
Studies are from "A Portrait of a Woman" by Jean-Jacques Caffieri (1900) and "The Bathers" by Claude-Joseph Vernet (1786).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

So quiet over here...

I still need to scan in a few of the sketches from my winter break sketch book and stuff from my summer sketch book. Will get to that when I can.

On another note, a few of my archery buddies and I are working on a fantasy/adventure/comedy comic and now that the costumes/outfits for the main characters are pretty much set I can finally clean up the comic pages and work on character sheets. yay~

"The Misadventures of Four Hapless Mortals"
(L to R) Ethan, Gwen, Zenus, and Zagan

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So... portraits and other digital sketches...

I think the reason why I created another blog for my digital work is because I was doing some speed paintings during Spring 2013 and I honestly didn't stick with it after 30 days.  The blog was supposed to be just for speed painting.  I've put that on hold partly due to midterms and lack of time to put into them, even if they were roughly 30mins to an hour (other times I was just being lazy and unmotivated to do stuff on my own).  Now the other blog turned into a digital sketch/painting blog for studies. Right now I'm working on some portrait stuff, but I might jump back into landscapes.  Let's just see how many faces I paint before I get sick of it. lol. oi.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Figure Studies

Today was probably one of the slower days of day camp, so I took advantage of the time and did some figure studies from reference pictures. I haven't done any figure studies at all this semester and the only SHM figure drawing that I went to was the one with the SJSU Wushu club. xD Need to add figure drawing to my summer projects list. So out of practice...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ani 113B Final - Hero Tree

I finally made the time to fix up my final from Ani 113B.  The original looked overcast and muted which wasn't something I was aiming for so I punched up the saturation and changed the time of day. The revised version looks better, but there's probably a lot of things that needs to be fixed.  Maybe I'll come back to this piece sometime in the future, but for now I'm putting this one in the "projectsIdontwanttoseeinaverylongtime" pile.

Revised - Summer 2013 (Photoshop)

Original - Fall 2012 (Acrylic on Illustration Board)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ani 51A - Samurai Knife

Maya and I do not get along. . . Doesn't really help that I want everything to be perfect (thanks a bunch, OCD) and Maya would go, "Nope~ You will not get everything perfect and if you do I will put you through hell before you get the results you want!!! MWUAHAHAHAHA!" 

I still can't get the darn 3D Painter tool to work, every time I tried it, minus the first time, it would create a new texture because apparently the one I had on prior had missing parts to it? Odd... *sigh* Damn you, Maya, you win this round. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


So the 2nd half of the review is over and I made it into the A/I program at SJSU. YAY! Scanned the pages of my sketchbook link to those images down below.  In the mean time I started another art blog dedicated to daily digital paintings.  I just hope I can keep it up and not get super stressed out about it.

Jen's Digi-Paintings
Jen's Winter Sketchbook

Cheers and 新年快樂!!!